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Thread: Happy Labor Day, You'all.

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    Door County is so beautiful. One of my son's teachers had a place on Washington Island.
    I graded papers and cleaned house. It rained all day and is still raining. Not a very picnic-y Labor Day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan View Post
    I've never met any of our members, but we'll be hanging out in Door County for at least 7 days, anyone in the area is free to stop by.
    We were in Sister Bay over the weekend. Itís a fun place, although somewhat crowded with Illinois folks. I much prefer Door County in the off season, although some areas are in danger of quaint degenerating into twee to please the tourists.

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    Okaay----some things are stupid, and some other things are extra stupid. But yeah---here's a drone photo of the motor vehicle traffic leaving that there "Burning Man" post-hippie festival, which takes place in close proximity to Labor Day. Just get out and DRIVE, man! Yup.2022-09-06 (8).jpg

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