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    double posted, sorry!
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    The only tipping I do regularly is ten dollars for Amazon Fresh delivery, slightly more than suggested. Worth every penny.

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    Some of our local fast food places are now asking if I am leaving a tip. Just recently we were going through the drive through at a local Dairy Queen when a nice young man said the system is asking if I was leaving a tip? I feel like asking, are you doing anything special? Didn't think so. I think the local employers are pushing it as part of their employees compensation that they don't have to pay. It is awkward and when I have a choice, I don't go to the restaurants that solicit tips.

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    Everyone in Europe is paid for the job they do, I think tipping started in America when they made people work for tips.

    I don't usually tip, the last time I did was when I took pictures for my CV, they cost 7.00 I gave 10.00.

    In restaurants when the bill is like, let's say 183.85, we are 9 people dividing the bill, 20.43, we round to 21.00 each.

    Everything that has a label with a price, we usually don't tip, mainly because it's just something to be sold and that's the market price.

    But when it's a causal, hand-to-hand deal, we're like a Jewish shop, the price ain't that, the real price is lower, so we reach a consensus.

    It also depends, if it's a small business with a female running it, and a male is buying something there, many do tip big.

    Society evolved by removing any comradeship, any sense of regular customer, it's business and people adapted to that mindset.

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