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Thread: Composting people

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    Quote Originally Posted by catherine View Post
    As much as I like the idea of this in principle, I'm not sure. "Taking the result and planting a tree"--I simply can't visualize my kids taking a pitchfork to my "compost" I'm a little out there on this stuff, but not THAT out there. I think that's what appeals to me about natural burial. It's a more natural HUMAN option. I can see being wrapped in a shroud and then being put in the earth and the kids can then put a planting on the site. But USING my actual composted remains to fertilize a tree...IDK about that. Although knowing my kids, they would get plenty of good jokes out the experience.

    ETA: Another "natural" option. Throw me in the woods and let the animals have at me. JK.
    For me, that would be fine. Only not for a tree. Lilies or hydrangeas or peonies, something nice that blooms.

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    My FIL used to say he didn't care what you did with him when he was dead.... He once said; "I don't care if you freeze my ass and pound me in the ground as a fencepost." I don't care what happens to me either...

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    My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I start. So far today, I have finished two bags of M&Ms and a chocolate cake. I feel better already!

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    Well, I sat-n-watched that mooo-veee with Charleton Heston & he didn't say much about guns, BUT I think they had a revolutionary idea. See---they could use human bodies to prepare yummy meals! After all, you are what you eat, so why not eat humans? Then, you and your lovely wife could drive-n-eat to a restaurant you heard about, and EAT. Yup. Saves using land that could be under cultivation for corn-n-beans! Yup. I was sitting & watching episode 2, season 7 of Kitchen Nightmares, and the featured rest-o-rant was a pizza place in Doo-Doo Town, where the owner claimed his pizza was THE best, but no it was really bad, and he was very hard-headed and headed toward losing his business. They showed photos of his really bad pizza. Ha. I'll have to see the rest of the episode, so I can see if he changed his methods o' making pizza. But yeah---maybe they could use dead people as a topping on Pizza, but I really don't think I'd be inclined to order one. Nope. Hope that helps you kids some.2022-07-22 (8).jpg

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