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Thread: Fall Challenge

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    Fall Challenge

    1. Lose another 10 pounds. I have lost 10 each of the last two quarters, so this seems to be my pace. I will then be within the normal range for my height.
    2. Get my petition to make my Board of Health elected heard by the City Council. This has been a major battle and supposedly now that I have a Councilor sponsor it will happen but I will not believe it until I see it on the agenda. It was pulled from the agenda just before it was published last time.
    3. Reduce my screen time - should be easier as my tablet broke.
    4. Get caught up on housecleaning.
    5. Stay within budget despite rising energy costs.
    6. Go the the open houses portion of Free State Project weekend in October to get a better sense of the market there.
    7. Do birthday and holiday shopping and celebrate birthdays with family. All family in the area have birthdays in the fall.
    8. Find a primary care physician who does not require masks.
    9. Burn papers with personal information on them.
    10. Get another book of 300 crossword puzzles to help avoid the temptation to play games online (see #3 above).

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    Going to put this into before, during, and after trip

    Ask Office Manager about the Basement work/if the 30 days notice to clear the storage unit arrives while we're out of town
    Get winter gear out of storage and decide what to pack if anything
    Confirm itinerary with husband so I can pack accordingly
    Text social worker to see if she's ready for this year's hats, mittens, and scarves and hopefully deliver them

    Start Knitting socks for holiday gifts
    Drop off box of books for husband's friend's students
    Buy thank you gifts for parents and neighbor for looking out for the condo
    Volunteer project I'm doing for a friend
    Buy a winter coat
    No screen day October

    Catch up on laundry
    3 boxes or rearrange stuff from storage unit temporarily taking up space in my living room.
    Put away summer stuff
    Victory dance while looking at the once again clear guest room bed
    Think about how to organize the bookshelves
    No screen day November and possibly December

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    I've tried to be a bit more thoughtful about my list this time. I think I put things on the summer list without enough thought as to how I really wished to prioritize my time during those short and precious summer months. Some of the items below are carried over from summer and are really more appropriate for the months when I spend more time inside.
    • Finish decluttering Mom's second floor
    • Hang the last of the window shades at Mom's house
    • Repair dripping kitchen faucet
    • List on eBay: raincoat, denim jacket, shoes
    • Slow and thoughtful room by room review and cull of my own house (will probably stretch beyond fall, haha, seems to be a lifelong endeavor)
    • Semi-annual closet cleanout
    • Leaf cleanup and shredding
    • Seasonal miscellaneous: clean and store fans, put in storm door panels, change bedding, dump annual container plants, put away hoses and turn off outdoor water supply, put away hammock ( a lot of this stuff shouldn't get done right away, but will need to be done as the season progresses, e.g. annual container plants are perfectly lovely right now)

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    Petition should be heard this week. It's on the agenda but who knows, they could pull it at the last minute. They like doing shady stuff like that.

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    Vote done
    Ask Office Manager about the Basement work/if the 30 days notice to clear the storage unit arrives while we're out of town done see below
    Get winter gear out of storage and decide what to pack if anything not yet
    Confirm itinerary with husband so I can pack accordingly in progress
    Text social worker to see if she's ready for this year's hats, mittens, and scarves and hopefully deliver them done

    Emailed the office manager and was told that she has a family emergency and will be out this week and the head of maintenance is acting manager until she returns. I emailed him and asked if we will receive the 30 notice in the next while we're gone. He said he will email me the answer before COB on Wednesday. Texted social worker and gave her the latest dates and times for me to drop off and for her to pick up, and our availability in November. No response, hoping to deliver them before we leave. Husband is confirming dress codes for different events so we can dress accordingly. Busy work day so haven't had time to grab winter gear, it's tomorrow's after work project.

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    Got my petition through hurdle 1. It is now assigned to a committee but it is unknown when the committee will meet. The chair of it strongly opposes reform efforts.

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    I've never done these, I always tell people I don't make plans, and they think I'm kidding, it's a huge downside in the wrong places, for instance, the company I worked for went bankrupt, and I had a bunch of job interviews. In those, they always ask about your current and future aspirations, your plans and goals, and dreams, and I always told the truth, like I often do, I don't make plans, I have things that I once asked for, or thought about, and often they come to me without even realizing, only after I think: Wait, I once asked for this. It's like a star alignment that originates something else, in my case is an alignment of opportunities and situations and open a door to something I thought about before. I'm on a job right now, got it by lying on that question, by the way. But let's see:
    • Spend more time outside when I'm not working. I found a cool park near the place I work, now I go there every lunch and spend an hour eating my sandwich. It has a granitic table, five or six old trees in front, under those trees someone planted orchids, it's a nice refuge from work, where I can be alone, hearing the birds.
    • I started following the Mediterranean diet, it's the diet every dietician recommends in Portugal. I've been fasting my whole life, eating twice a day, I lose weight if I eat small portions throughout the day. I plan on keeping it going and eventually lose weight, my health is okay according to the doctors, but being overweight it's a huge stigma, on finding relationships, on many levels.
    • Get the Cuban cigars out of my head. I have a tendency to smoke a cigar every Friday, it's so relaxing. My grandfather used to smoke Monte Cristo's, he'd offer everyone a cigar when he went somewhere, dinners, when someone went by his house, I liked to see him smoking, he looked so much like those Italian mobsters from the 50s and 60s.

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    Have lost 2.5 of the 10 pounds so far.

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    1. Lose 6 lbs
    2. Be more diligent about practicing my watercolor techniques.
    3. Seed the vegetative buffer down at the lakeshore!! I had milkweed heads busting, and here's a question for IL: I got 50 free bearded iris someone divided in my town. I didn't know they were bearded iris--she just posted "free iris" and I was hoping they were iris versicolor. My question--Do bearded iris do OK in wet conditions the same way iris versicolor does? I was thrilled to get a nice free start to beautifying this border, but I don't want to waste them if there's no chance they'll do well in soil that can be either dry or wet.

    Three goals a season is all I can handle.
    "Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it--every, every minute?" Emily Webb, Our Town

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    Itinerary confirmed and dress up and behave clothing packed. Heard from social worker and I"m dropping off the hats etc during my lunch break which starts in a few minutes. Maintenance head/acting manager replied yesterday and says we're one of the last buildings being fixed so he thinks based on the current schedule we will receive the notification in 2023. He suggested we ask Big Boss during the annual meeting to confirm. Going to make sure to leave the storage unit key and cash to hire someone to move the storage unit stuff in to the condo just in case. Pulled up the winter blankets and will probably take a couple just in case we need them. How many depends on space available in the car.

    Tonight is packing the trunk and last minute laundry and packing.

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