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Thread: Jupiter Opposition 9/26/22

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    Jupiter Opposition 9/26/22

    Tonight, the planet Jupiter will be the closest to Earth that it has been in 59 years.

    Jupiter will rise in the east, as the Sun sets in the west.

    It will be cloudy here, so I may not see much of Jupiter tonight... but I can listen to Gustaf Holst, "Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity".

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    I've been frustrated all week by clouds or wildfire smoke in my attempts to get a photo of it.

    Here's one of my proof-of-concept test shots from a couple weeks ago (I don't really have the proper telescope for this task, so I've been MacGyvering up a solution):

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    We just came in from the back yard where we can see Jupiter and its four moons. Very beautiful. It's clear here and our yard is quite dark so there are a million stars out tonight. We have a spotting scope telescope somewhere but can't find it. So we just lived in the moment and watched it for a while.

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    Okay---You know what? It would be nice if they like, had cruise ships going to Jupiter. I just know you kids, with your innate curiosity about what's-in-other-places, would just love an extended vacation trip to tour the realm of Jupiter. Yup. Hope that helps you some. Thankk mee.

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