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Thread: Today.. laughable and not!

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    Today.. laughable and not!

    Stopped at the library and checked out their book sale. Came across a book and told the guy next to me ... "Didn't expect to see this at the library!" He grabbed the book and held onto it. I laughed and commented that he must really want the book. He said he was going to trash it. The gal checking out asked what it was... Instructions for Erotic Bondage Techniques... My laugh of the day!!! He gave the book to the checkout gal and she was going to dispose of it.

    What I didn't find funny though was in the local paper in the school info it stated they will be installing "Halo detectors".... that will distinguish smoke and questionable words. So, now our schools will be bugged? Doesn't sound kosher to me.

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    1) Well, safety is important, so I'd imagine a manual for beginners could be lifesaving. I go on several 911 calls a year where someone failed to properly think through their fun, and, well, needed some untangling...

    2) I think the HALO system detects air quality problems, vaping, smoking, gunshot noise. Typically used in bathrooms and such where security cameras are not appropriate.

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    In other news, up in Northwest Iwah, where having an earthy sense o' humor is essential, there was a guy---really old--in his 50's---who had a Ford Van with a bumper sticker that said: "I'm not a Dirty Old Man, I'm a Sexy Senior Citizen!". Hahahaahaha. Also, there was another local resident who was 50 the day he was born. He drove a station wagon that had a modified bumper sticker for an I-wah Business Magnate & entrepreneur named Berkely Bedell. He invented and marketed fishing lures, and made a fortune. Later, ran for elected office. But, yeah--fishing is a prestige activity in NW IWah. The farther north you get out and DRIVE to catch fish(that the conservation comission/ aka dept of hunting and fishing, placed in the lakes. But yeah---drive as far as you can as fast as you can, to go fishin'. You'll be fine. Anyway--the sticker origininally said: I heart(symbol) Bedell. Well, this very sexy senior citizen modified it to read: I heart(symbol) Bed. Hahahahahaahahaahahaah. Isn't that clever? Not really. Hope that helps you some. Thankk Mee.2022-10-01 (6).jpg

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