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Thread: September 30

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    September 30

    In 2022, the Russian Federation announces the annexation of four regions of Ukraine.

    In 1938, the Third Reich announces the annexation of about a fifth of Czechoslovakia. Neville Chamberlain announces “peace for our time”.

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    Well--Sept. 30 is an anniversary of a day thay has gone down in infamy, around the Ozarks. See--what happened on 9-30-1970 was, when a striking trucker used a borrowed hunting rifle to shoot at a company truck driven by a replacement driver, in order to "disable" it. Yup. He should have known better, because the semi-trailer was filled with dynamite! The truck exploded--ka-boom!!! into itty-bitty bits(including the drtiver), and resulted in a hole 50 across and 30+ feet deep, in the eastbound lanes of I-44, west of town. Guess what? The perps were caught, sentenced to long prison terms, but only served a small fraction of it. The shooter(who got "life")died about 10 years ago, and his obit omitted his mistake, but extolled all his virtues as being an entirely honorable man. Uhhhh, yeahhhh. Shows to go: Don'ty believe everything you read. Hope that helps you some. See photo. Thankk Mee.2022-10-01 (5).jpg

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