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Thread: News from the new job.....

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    News from the new job.....

    So far, so good. I have been to several meetings so far and it's very different at this level because my input is actually sought. Most of the job itself does not seem that hard to pick up if one has people skills.
    This is where I'm glad I waited tables - I'm an introvert but do have people skills. The computer/administrative part is what I need to work on. Good news too is that I'm at the same store so commuting is not a nightmare. Likely if and wen I transfer I will need a car and am anticipating this new expense and how to.minimize it.

    Some simple living news though - I can tell you from what I have heard food prices will continue to.rise. what I'm hearing is food scarcity - and higher prices - due to low supplies of fertilizer - Russia used to be a major fertilizer exporter but no more. Amazing how one politician can so effect world stability even down to access to food, no?


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    Was watching a "doomsday" video about the demise of Walmart and they gave good reasons for food prices increasing. Farmers and product manufacturers are facing many issues. Gas/diesel, fertilizer, labor, equipment, etc. Raising the crop, harvesting, processing, shipping at all points in the process are all more expensive.

    Nothing our politicians may do will change this.

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