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Thread: A kind comment makes such a difference.....

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    A kind comment makes such a difference.....

    This past week at work has been really stressful in the sense that there is so much to learn. I'm doing the best I can but have been on edge as my take is that I'm not picking it up fast enough.

    Until I was told by a regional Manager who came in to chat/inspect/look over things that "I hear you are doing very well" - that really helped and I noticed that yesterday was easier for me - based on this one comment.

    Kindness when warranted really CAN make a difference. Rob

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    I mean, how much effort is it to extend a hand of kindness to people you interact with? It really seems to improve everyone's outlook, costs nothing, and strengthens community.

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    I still remember the positive comments I got from bosses I had in 1983, and 1998, and so on and so on. Too many managers don't know what a simple, effective way an encouraging word is to keep employees motivated. Plus, it's just a nice thing to do.
    "Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it--every, every minute?" Emily Webb, Our Town

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    Okay----I said elsewhere that the best incentive plan is a swift kick in the butt, every day. Every employer should do that, plus select at least one employee to fire, every month. That way, people will hustle and bustle, to keep from being let go. Wanna be happy? Yeah---be happy on your own time. When you're on the clock is no time to be happy. All there is to it. Hope that helps you some. Thankk mee.

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    I totally agree Rob and I am sure you are doing fine but expecting too much from yourself.

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    Rob, I’m sure you will be good at offering compliments to your employees in your new role as manager.

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