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Thread: November frugals

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    Tybee, congrats on getting the wood stove installed!! And you are right about the two economies... we get the same thing, but less so as we build relationships with the locals.

    I had a Vermont Castings gas grill, which I bought at Home Depot for DH's Father's Day gift probably at least 15 years ago. I was so proud of myself because it came in a big box and while the boys were all out golfing with their dad for Father's Day, I put it together myself!

    Anyway, it lasted until we moved up here. It was a great grill, but I agree that parts are hard to get, and the company does mainly focus on their wood stoves, which are probably just as pricey compared to their competitors as the gas grills are now--I would never buy another one at this point, because I know I didn't pay anywhere near what they cost now.
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    When we were young and lived in upstate New York we had a Vermont casting wood stove and it was awesome! Wood was free for the taking in the forest at the time so we didnít use our furnace much.

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