I've lived in Massachusetts for my entire life, but I've only been to the Cape twice, and not since I was about 10 years old. We live north of Boston, so points south involve going through the city, which is an appalling prospect for people who spent so many years commuting in & out of Boston. We just tend to go north for our seaside visits (and we only live a couple of miles away from the ocean).
Anyway, last weekend we did a one-night overnight to visit a friend in Hyannis. She was housesitting and dogsitting at a wonderful waterfront home with so many charming features - garden, pergola, art studio, etc. We had amazing weather in the seventies and did some lovely beach walking, then had a great seafood dinner at the Black Cat Tavern. DH and I spent the night at the Holiday Inn in Falmouth using a free reward night that was going to expire at the end of the year. We were very strategic in our travel times, heading to the Cape on Sunday about 11:00 AM, and returning Monday at 11:30 AM, so traffic was not bad. I think we will probably go again sometime and explore the area a bit more (definitely during the off-season).
DH really likes that old Patti Page song, so I've gotten to hear it plenty in the past week, and it's kind of stuck in my head.