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I recently read an article about Natalia Grace. What an interestingly creepy story.
The documentary changed my mind 180 degrees.

The adoptive parents are ruthlessly horrible people.
The little girl with dwarfism now 20 years old, is damaged but probably not a sociopath.

The court aged her up somthat she is now, legally, 33 or 35 but that is not right. There is consistent evidence, medical and her biological mother (verified with DNA test) that show her born in 2003, but she could be a couple years older than that, but only a few.

After “aging her up” legally her parents rented an apartment for her, kicked her out. In real life she would have been 8-10 years old.

Her father was put on trial for abandonment, but for a legal technicality, the jury was not allowed to hear testimony about her age. So, he was charged with abandonment of a disabled person. Thevjury acquitted him, largely because they were boxed in.