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Thread: US Championship Cheese 2023

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    US Championship Cheese 2023

    The US Cheese Championship was held in Green Bay WI 2/21 to 2/23 with competition in 113 classes.

    The #1 US Champion Cheese was "Europa" Aged Gouda, by cheesemaker Eric Schmid, of Arethusa Family Farm Dairy, Bantam CT.
    #2 was "Vintage Cupola" American Original Cheese produced by Red Barn Family Farms, Appleton WI.
    #3 was a Medium Cheddar by cheesemaker Dillon Sylla, of AMPI (the largest cheese co-op in the USA), produced in the Blair WI plant.

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    I've had Arethusa ice cream. Their cows have an above average amount of butterfat- and the ice cream is sooooo delicous.

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