We have a big yard fenced for our dogs. The other night, a bear got in somehow and ransacked the garbage cans and dragged them all over. It was obvious what had happened, but totally obvious to one of our dogs, who came racing in trembling, even though bear had left by then and she was going off the scent.

The problem is this was two days ago and she is still anxiously yipping, coming up for reassurance, not shaking, thank God. When we go out in the yard it's worse--when we tried to sit outside she comes up and climbs in your lap and starts yipping. This is a big dog, not a little dog.

Any ideas of how to calm her--I thought by now she would be over it, but she is not. The other dog could care less. This dog is a very anxious dog anyway, so this is like confirmation of her worst fears.

And frankly, it's not doing me much good thinking of that bear a foot from the house.