We have the weirdest situation with a senior at my church. Sheís about 75ish without much money. Her son had allowed her to live rent free in a house he owns for years. Mom pays for utilities and some upkeep. For some years, mom has also been allowed to drive an older car that belongs to daughter in law (sonís wife). For whatever reason, daughter in law is now selling the car to a friend of hers and mom wonít have any car to drive.

Meals on wheels comes in the morning. She has some sort of a household aide who comes in the early afternoon. All medical appts are later afternoon.

Senior has cancelled all medical appts because she no longer has a car to drive. Thereís local senior transport for medical appts, but it stops at 3pm, too early for her appts. Plenty of people at church have offered to drive her to appts, but sheís a stubborn old broad and refuses to ask for help. I will say she seems to have something of an entitled attitude. She constantly says she and her siblings provided their mother whatever she wanted, so she seems to think her son should give her whatever she wants. Mind you, sheís already living rent free.

Senior says she has never asked for help and doesnít intend to start now. She got her nose really bent out of shape when I told her she must have asked for help at least one time, or how did she start getting the household aide? She refused to answer that. I donít know if the aide is a senior benefit from local govt or what. I donít think she pays for side.

Letís hear your stories of stubborn old coots.