I haven't read Ram Dass, I mean, I don't really read much, but I'm sure there are some videos, I prefer to read body language, and hear a voice, so maybe one day. J. Krishnamurti, somewhat similar in terms of objectives to Ram Dass, at least I believe, used to say that, psychologically, you are the rest of mankind, if you change, the whole humanity changes, because your conditioning, is the same for every single human being, loneliness, sorrow, anxiety; every human being represents humanity. There is a famous proverb, that in origin is actually Portuguese, we and the Russians have the most down-to-earth proverbs out there, that says: "the road to hell is paved with good intentions". This means, that you don't really know if what you believe to be good, will actually be good. Every generation is held responsible for actions that were considered to be right and plain common sense at the time.