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Thread: Hawaii fire/land grab

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetana3 View Post
    I absolutely love winter with long nights and snow. I do not like slush but just have to deal with it. I had snow in Paris in January and it was blissful.

    I was raised in Anchorage, Alaska and if economics and medical availability allowed it, I would go back and live there. Anchorage was perfect because the snow was relatively dry.

    I hibernate in the summer behind blinds.
    I love the coziness of the early dark in fall. I know a lot of people that nearly drives to depression. I’m weird. I embrace it.

    Love, love, love fall and winter. Hate and despise heat and humidity.

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    The primary reason I don't want to move back to Texas is the heat. It is miserable even in better summers than this one. I am anxiously awaiting fall and colder weather here in Colorado.

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    Yep, just moved to Texas from Wisconsin. Both have weather I do not like. A person has to choose which weather they hate more. Aging in place IMO is harder in a cold climate based on physical restraints… falls because of snow (putting a damper on exercise), constantly feeling sick (cold in lungs), driving on ice is not fun. Either way, the plan here is to travel the few months to better climes. I also feel the warmer climes cater to seniors and are even welcoming. I have no regrets. YLMV

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