I have an eye exam next week, then will order another couple years' worth of lenses.

In the past I have found the various online sites all use pricing gimmicks, so I just go to Walmart.

Called Walmart and they said the Air Optix Night and Day are $86 a box, but since I take them out every night I could go with regular Air Optix for $68 a box.

I don't know if I should stay with the higher quality lens regardless?

I found a doctor who will not charge me a contact lens fitting fee which most demand even if just renewing a prescription, but if I get into well let me try the regular ones and come back and have my eyes checked then I would have to pay for that.

Has anyone used these two types of lenses and can compare them?

I am thinking the additional cost isn't much more than a contact lens fitting fee so just stick with the ones I have been using.