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Thread: wedding and baby showers

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    Wedding showers I don't do, but baby showers I do. I try and approach baby shower events with the same excitement as the mother (who the shower is being put on for) is going through. I'd really hate to know I put a damper on that for anyone. Motherhood is an exciting time. I do agree that certain games are a little difficult to contend with, but overall (in our family) baby showers are fun and make for good solid entertainment. Having younger children attend baby showers is always enjoyable and without a dull moment.

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    To add, baby showers in our family are more about the celebration part of a new life (baby), rather than raking in gifts and things. Simply a chance for everyone to get together and enjoy everyone's company for the afternoon.

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    Eight years ago when I was pregnant with my second daughter, the ladies at my church absolutely insisted that I have a shower. I protested but they finally won the argument. Since we had always planned on having a second baby & this one was also a girl, we had saved lots of things from the first baby & had everything we needed. I told them we could do a diaper-and-casserole shower because both the diapers & the food were consumable. Nothing like a good frozen casserole baked by the hubby after having a c-section. It was great & everyone had a good time. Thank goodness there were no games!
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    redox, that quilt sounds like a lovely gift!

    Tradd, Home Comforts is one of my favourite books. That's a great idea for a wedding shower. Actually it would be a good graduation gift for someone too.

    I get baby showers more than wedding showers. I'm getting you a wedding present. Why would I also get you a shower present? That seems like a bit much.

    I had two baby showers with my first baby, both by different groups of people. One was thrown by my sister, the other by my MIL.

    When I had James (#3 of 4) several friends talked about throwing me a baby shower, but it never materialized since he was a preemie. I was more than OK with that. The gifts I really appreciated with him were preemie clothes and diapers since I had not planned on that at all. I usually give Target gift cards. It's not personal, but it's useful.

    bookcrazy, I love diapers and casseroles for baby gifts too. That's another thing I like to give people and I've loved getting them. I didn't buy Travis (baby #4) diapers until he was almost 4 months old, I had gotten so many and I don't think I cooked the first three weeks after I had him.
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    I think they are a great idea, a time to celebrate a birth or wedding, fellowship with friends and family is a good thing. Gifts don't have to be expensive either. I do however really hate those games!

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    Mrs. M, why baby showers but not wedding showers?

    I dread the thought of the "stuff" that a baby seems to "need." Honestly. It seriously stresses me out, because though I know we wouldn't obtain a lot of stuff on our own if we decided to have one, people would give us all kinds of things and then we'd have to deal with them.

    Also probably because my mother is a hoarder and when we were younger we would complain about her stuff and she'd just say "wait until you have kids." And so while I can now rationalize that this was just an excuse, because things have gotten WORSE since her kids have flown the nest, that oft-repeated comment sticks with me and scares the bejeezus out of me. But ya know what? That's a whole 'nother thread

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    Fidgiegirl. Wedding showers, IMO, seem more tuned towards a younger generation/crowd, whereas babies are an all age thing that people (no matter what age) never outgrow. Re: wedding showers, I was actually put-off by wedding showers a number of years ago. One particular wedding shower I attended (years back) resulted in the bride-to-be, breaking down and crying over some of the gifts they received. Apparently, she was upset over all the doubles and multiples of things, and the cheapness of the gifts themselves. That was the beginning of the end for me. (I guess when couples are spending $20,000 or more on a wedding, they expect fancy/expensive gifts).

    Re: baby needs, you'd be surprised what little a mom/baby (actually) needs. It's called baby basics, and for some unknown reason (past 10-20 years), moms have forgotten about or moved away from baby basics.

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