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Thread: RosieTR reincarnation

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    RosieTR reincarnation

    I was thesweetooth on the old forums. Just figured what the hey, why not try out a new identity? Also found a great avatar for it
    I don't know how well I'll keep up with journaling but I'll do a little past history for kicks since it's kind of fun to read about others' journeys.
    I read YMOYL a couple of times starting in my mid-20s but didn't get more serious with the program until DH and I took the online class a little over 6 years ago. That's where I found the forums and though I've slacked a little on some of the steps I still visit the forums and do the tracking.
    Right now on my life journey I am working on what I might refer to as our Big Error. In 2008 my job moved from Colorado to Phoenix AZ. We made the difficult decision to accept it but moved here pretty much right as the financial collapse was occurring and (here's the especially big error part) we bought a house. Perhaps due to the shock of everything that happened that year I felt like the last two years were sort of an ongoing struggle against a negative thinking cycle. Now I think I am ready to finally forgive myself, leave the past as past and be looking forward. My goal in the next year will be to get the backyard into a semblance of shape for the time when we rent it out (or in some sort of happy magic world, sell it), reconnect with old friends, and start looking for work that would allow us to move back to Colorado. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the new look of the forums!

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    So happy to see that you are with us RosieTR! I'm trying extra hard right now to remember as many new names as I can and although I know I'll never be able to remember them all, a sort of calming effect washes over me when members like yourself let us know who you used to be. Thank you.

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