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Thread: The Daily Peeve / Rant

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    I am having so much anxiety about all the money regarding this house we bought; I vacillate between excitement and abject panic just about every other hour. This weekend is move-in, and the electrician has been there working on some issues and now it seems a new electrical issue just cropped up in that the power between the kitchen wall and the bathroom suddenly isn't working. It was working this morning when I was there, so I don't know if he blew a breaker or something while he was working on the bathroom or what. I've been in the gallery all day so K. is going up there to check on things.

    The new roof over the studio room just cost us about a $1000....the electrician quoted $680 for all the stuff he was doing today. I just hope this latest thing turns out to be minor.

    Please help me not panic too much! I've spent $5350 in the last three weeks and as a money hoarder it feels so foreign and bizarre!

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    SiouzQ, does it help if you remind yourself that you saved the money so you could spend it on something special someday, And this house is your Special?
    Really, your expenditures don’t sound extravagant at all, all pretty normal. And I’m impressed if the entire roof problem was solved with only $1K.

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    I wonder if your anxiety is not only about spending, but also about spending on a joint project with a romantic partner. That takes trust and involves a certain loss of control.

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