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Thread: The Daily Peeve / Rant

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    dh hit a cut in the road last night and split both front tires. He is fine, so I am trying to just be grateful for that, but now we have a huge bill for tow, new tires, and rental car. In the quarter when he has a temporary pay cut, my job is ending for the summer (which we planned on, but it means no chance of picks up extra for subbing for a while) and our dd is coming home to live so added food and electric.

    Also, the brakes went out on my car (the plan is that this car is supposed to last me at least another year until we get dd2 out if school) so I am driving the bad gas milage farm truck until dh can fix them.

    this is probably going to delay the dry walling of the addition significantly.

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    There should be a better tire. Years ago one was advertised driving over spikes and resealing itself but somehow that never seemed to come to fruition in real life.

    Had to contact Verizon 4 times and spend over 2 hours to get a simple replacement remote control. The people in their offshored call centers are in way over their heads, so I resorted to social media, which got me Americans in departments that refused to talk to each other. And this is supposedly a communications company! This is a good case of the things I own owning me.

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    Run Flats is what they are called, they do come on high end cars That's all hubby will run with his many miles of driving.

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