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Thread: Flu shots -- are you going to get one?

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    Got my shot today. I have asthma and just can't risk it...I have had the flu, and what was said above is true - you feel so bad that death would be welcome!

    I have six grandchildren, all of them in school and little Petri dishes. Also, my daughter just began driving a school bus. So much exposure!

    Last time I had it, the whole family dropped within two days - son, daughter in law, two grandkids, hubby and myself. I had not had a shot that year, but had in others. We all got Tamiflu. I missed two days of work and then felt well enough to check in and grab stuff to work from home. Hubby lost a week of work and was down for about another month with loss of stamina, etc. my bounce back may have been due to prior shot residual effect.

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    My job offers flu shots in the fall. I have noticed in the following winter some of the people who got the shot call in sick for a week with the flu, but I, who skip the shot, don't get it. Of course they could be faking. One woman's flu always rolls around the first month we get our sick time allotment for the new year. Hmmmm. But others I am pretty sure are not.

    There has been controversy in my area with some hospitals trying to force nurses to get flu shots. They resisted as they find them ineffective and with side effects. The nurses are also opposing their bosses with a ballot initiative. It would limit the number of patients one nurse can have at any one time. I like how feisty they are.

    Edited to eliminate gerund overkill, including three in one sentence.

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    I got the shot about a week ago. I get one every year.

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    I don't remember the last time I had the flu--it was at least 20 years ago. I've never had a flu shot.

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    After my dad had a big stroke at 59 the doctor wanted him to get a flu shot. He refused. He had a bunch of stuff wrong including severe emphysema and could only sit in a chair and watch TV. He had been a very active man and just wanted to die. They said a cold would kill him. He never got a cold in 14 years despite living next door to us with 3 little kids who would get a variety of illnesses and interacted with him everyday. Family was so important to him and I think all that interaction kept him alive.

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