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Thread: House for sale

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    House for sale

    I am finding myself in position of inheriting a house after the death of my stepfather last month and since I have a house of my own I need to sell it. So, here is the lay of the land so to speak: this house is in the same town I live in, so I know of what I speak. This is a small rural town, very quiet and low crime, low property taxes and all 4 seasons. The town has a nice little library, and even an old fashioned hardware store where you actually go in and ASK for what you want and they go rummage around and find it! They also might give advise on how to use it and so on. Not a Walmart in sight. So, a small town, not much to do I admit, but you can get on the parkway and in 20 minutes you are in a very nice university town with all the "amenities" like Barnes & Noble, a Mall, and if you must - not one but TWO super Walmarts! On down Interstate 65 in about another hour and you hit Nashville TN. Now, the house was my parent's, needs updating (if you are concerned with that) and some TLC. No structure damage that I know of. A brick house on a large town lot, extended concrete driveway, and a full finished basement that has already been set up for an apartment, so there is potential for rental income or for extra family members. I am pricing this house to sell - quickly I hope - because I am paying the bills on it until it does and have no interest in renting it out. This is a serious post - so if anyone is interested at all send me a message and I will answer any questions that you may have.

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    Sounds like a lovely retirement property for the right person. Best wishes on finding the perfect match!

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    I"m not looking for a house, but I have often thought that living in one of those small sateillite communities of a University town is just the ticket for the reasons you describe. You are close to the U's cultural stuff but don't have the taxes and high real estate costs that often go with University towns.

    Oh, gosh, you are in Tenn or thereabouts and that's ANOTHER thing I've been thinking is nice--mild climate YET there are seasons.

    Sounds like a nice place.

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