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Thread: The Alt-D Economy: Thinking Outside of the Box - Sheep Lawn Mowers

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    The Alt-D Economy: Thinking Outside of the Box - Sheep Lawn Mowers

    I found this New York Times Article just fascinating, along with the links that are included in the story about really different small businesses. I would hire this guy in a minute, hating the noise of power lawn equipment as I do!

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    Great stuff, Jemima! Thanks for it. The creativity side of some is amazing! Something new and unique all the time.

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    Love the sheep guy and his highway idea! The grocery and chicken pieces are interesting, too. I'm kind of interested in chickens for their eggs. Someday, maybe.

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    How cool! Do you get to save the stuff they leave behind for your compost?
    I just wish they offered a course in high school to teach kids how to do various
    things, like gardening, composting, fixing broken things, etc.
    I've read of people who have goats to "mow" their lawns too.
    Wish I could rent a couple huge animals who like to eat large invasive japanese
    honeysuckle bushes! They cover most of our property.

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    What cool ideas! Thanks for posting.
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