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Thread: Cooking for a couple of days.

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    Cooking for a couple of days.

    I used to do this more and then just got out of the habit and/or swore I didn't have the time any more. Well, everyone is feeling somewhat under the weather this weekend, so I am spending part of today getting some dinners ready. Tonight's is beef stew in the crockpot. While cutting the roast beef ends and the carrots for today's stew, I cut the rest of the roast beef and will put it with broccoli in Lo Mein for tomorrow night. Then while cutting the carrots, I diced up enough to go into stir-fried rice for Tuesday. I'm thinking that, after the stew is out of the crockpot, I'll put some beans in to soak and cook them for some 5 bean soup on Wednesday. Thursday will be any leftovers and Friday will be homemade pizza night. It feels like such a relief to have the dinners planned out!

    Anyone else do this on a more consistent basis? What types of meals do you pre-prep?
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    cooked chicken on the grill last night, boned breasts. Made enough for chicken salad for lunch today and tomorrow at least and chicken pot pie for dinner tonight. the chicken pot pie will be at least 3 meals for the two of us so will plan on that for tomorrow night too.

    Tuesday I will make a big pot of vegetarian split pea soup , and a big pot of veggie minestrone soup will be made at the same time, I'll have onions, carrots and other veggies out so will make them both at once. I'll make some bread on this day.
    These will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday meals for lunch and dinner, and probably there will be one meal of leftover pie. I am not sure about Friday night yet, I haven't looked at the store flyers yet and will probably get to the store by Friday for a milk and fresh veggie and fruit run so will plan the next days running up to Thanksgiving. If I don't get there Friday I have a Mexican casserole I made last week in the freezer, some homemade Mac and Cheese in the freezer, or I'll make pizza.

    Had steel cut oats for breakfast that I always make a big pot of on Sunday morning and we heat it up all week. I have spinach and other fresh veggies for salad, fruit.

    when I make my soups I often will package a meals worth in separate containers for the freezer and that works out great for us.

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    I cook like that throughout the week, trying to always keep some basics in the fridge such as homemade yogurt, homemade granola, a batch of cooked legumes, a large variety of prepped veggies (for salads or to add to things like soup as I cook during the week), etc. When I cook poultry or meat, I always make enough for at least a couple of days and if I have a chicken carcass, I make stock overnight in the crockpot, and soup the next day. I have always cooked ahead to some extent but am doing it a lot more now that we are on a true whole foods diet. Having lots of good options for readily-available real food in the fridge means DD isn't asking me for things like chips or crackers.

    Last Monday I cooked 5 chicken leg quarters and the 3 of us ate them throughout the course of the week in the form of roasted chicken, chicken-veg soup, chicken burritos, salad with roasted chicken, etc. I just took a container of the soup out of the freezer for DD to take to lunch tomorrow.

    ...because successful cooking ahead requires attention to how much can actually be eaten in the next few days. If I think it is unlikely we will get to something within 2-3 days, I put it in the freezer.

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