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Thread: New Road Map Foundation studying successful debt reduction

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    New Road Map Foundation studying successful debt reduction

    Hi all,
    I know I haven't been around in ages... Here's what I'm working on these days...

    We're studying folks who've gotten out of debt successfully to see how they've done it. Different debt relief programs work for different types of individuals. We're hoping to match up individuals to the program best suited for them. Right now we find folks can get sent to very inappropriate programs, which naturally don't work well for them. First, however, we have to learn which types of programs work for which types of people. Thus this study. Here's a more formal announcement:

    New Road Map Foundation is sponsoring a study of methods used by individuals and families who have successfully gotten out of debt. A project in cooperation with students at the University of Colorado Denver, the study will be used to develop educational materials to help other consumers to avoid or resolve financial distress in lasting, meaningful ways.

    The study begins with a simple, confidential survey (see link below). The results will be made publicly available, including through updates on the NRM website ( and will be used by NRM to better help people in debt, including referring them to methods other than the Financial Integrity program when appropriate.

    By taking this survey and/or following this project, you are helping us help
    others in difficult circumstances - thank you!

    Take the survey:
    Keep up with the research:

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