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Thread: Extreme Poverty Foods and Meals

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    the time thing needs to be strategized.

    so latest things I rely on for weekday dinners: lentil soup (can add a small amount of meat if one wants - I have 3 recipes for lentil soup!), fish (this last is not really anyone's definition of budget food but it's easy prep). Bf uses beef/mushroom tacos in the weekday rotation. Yes it's all lazy. But it's not take out, restaurants, center of the store. I can cook well, but I seem to get jobs that have near an hour commute, so I'm very tired. Weekends are different.

    As for beef, I have casseroles that only use 1/2 lb, that's 1-2 people for 3 or 1 1/2 meals.

    And the carbs--I was buying stuff I never buy, like doughnuts and dinner rolls and cookies--when they say you eat more carbs when you are tired, they are correct.
    in my experience it works, at least for the "I wasn't able to sleep all last night but have to be awake" type of tired. It takes some of the brutal rough edge off of the tiredness. So though I usually sleep enough or at least enough that a bit of caffeine suffices, for those nights: get me to the bagels!!!
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    This sounds awesome!

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    I very much enjoyed reading this thread.

    I remember when I was a young child, my parents used to buy feed grade (meant for livestock) rolled oats from a feed-store. Back then you could get 50 lbs for a couple dollars, so that's what we ate for breakfast every morning, and dinner too when times were particularly lean. They also sometimes bought feed grade corn to grind into cornmeal, which I remember thinking was a real treat after all the oatmeal. I don't know that this was particularly safe - the hygiene standards for facilities processing livestock feed are bound to be lower - but it was a very cheap way to get a large amount of nutritious food, and it saw us through many winters. We ate much better in summer, because we had a large garden and plenty of woods to forage wild foods from.

    There are also some very frugal food habits I still have as an adult, though it's no longer due to extreme poverty. The first is buying unclassified potatoes (50 lbs for $8) which are just potatoes that were the wrong shape or size to be graded into a category, or may have minor defects on the skin. Usually, the only thing "wrong" with the ones I buy has been their enormous size, three to four times what one might think of as "potato sized" which I actually like because it's a bit less work to clean and cut one large potato than multiple small ones. The second is that I butcher roadkill deer whenever I or someone I know finds one freshly killed. (It's legal to collect roadkill deer in Michigan, we just need to report it.) So, I nearly always have a freezer full of meat without spending a dime, and without contributing to the death of any animals. Win-win. I also usually give a few packages of venison back to whoever tipped me off to the deer but lacked the skill and/or time to butcher it themselves. Thirdly, I forage for a lot of wild foods in my woods during spring and summer, especially greens, which are so plentiful right by my house that it doesn't really count as foraging - I can start water heating in the steamer and be back with a pot of greens before it reaches a boil - not exactly wilderness survival.

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    I love that the deer being hit by cars are not going to waste.

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    At our grocery store, the potatoes, mushrooms, peppers etc that are not of a certain standard are called and sold as 'naturally imperfect'. I buy them all the time.
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