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Thread: 24 ways to earn $100.00 bucks

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    24 ways to earn $100.00 bucks

    Hi Simple Friends. Haven't been around in too long. Work has been killer this year!
    Looking to help a young friend with some good ideas to reach his goal of getting out of debt. Thought I would seek your collective wisdom. Could you guys post your thoughts on different ways one could earn a hundred bucks? Thanks!!!

    I'll start: sell your unwanted books back..

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    Petsitting (harder to find these gigs now, tho, IMO)
    Sell junk on eBay

    Sure I could think of more but my brain is Friday mush . . .

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    depends upon the amount of time/effort that he can put into it.

    for me, it's taking on another private client per week would earn me $90 per week. So that's close. Also selling 1 more client on a 4 week concession would do it. That would be an extra $100/week.

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    • Incorporating the running of errands for neighbours while out doing ones own shopping. A nominal fee could be charged, and well deserving when one takes into consideration the service provided.
    • Offering a pressing/ironing service.
    • Sewing/seamstress work. (I used to babysit for a lady who worked out of her home doing seamstress type work). She was always busy.
    • A shopping/delivery service. i.e. Emergency items such as toilet paper, milk, diapers, cigarettes, etc, as well as non-emergency daily needs.
    • Homemade goods. (Crafty stuff, ornaments, decorative things, etc).
    • Pet care. (Walking, etc)
    • Home-care. (Babysitting, elder care, cleaning, etc).

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    Call all the local caterers and apply to be an on-call server. This sort of part-time work is more flexible and pays much more per hour than retail or other common part-time jobs.

    I started doing this last December (I first started calling around in October) and for all of 2011, I have averaged 2 gigs a month. At $15/hour (plus, usually, really good tips) for 6-8 hours at a time (for me, this is only on weekends since I have a fulltime "day job"), this has increased my income in a helpful way. December is of course the busy month. I worked a party 2 weeks ago, had to turn down a job last Sunday, and am working tonight, tomorrow night, and Chrismas Eve.

    Also check out the "Gigs" section of Craigslist. There's an amazing amount and variety of short-term jobs there.


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    Seems I can always find something to sell on Craigslist.
    We've rented out a room to a college student before for $120 extra a month.
    We sold some gold jewelry a couple weeks ago - $980
    Sign up with a temp agency - I was able to help run the cashier's desk at an art auction a few times and I also cleaned resort condos a few times
    If you've got large high-end resorts or hotels see if you can get on the substitute list for bell-boy or valet (tips + wages can be good)
    I did an extra gig of data-entry for a company for a few weeks to help them get caught up
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    Snow shoveling in cold climates/seasons, lawn mowing and garden clean up in warm climates/summer.

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    I just finished an online focus group for $250, the best one I have done yet, and this one did not pick my brains like others have, so it was great all the way around. Anyone who is interested, I found this focus group through Worth a try perhaps.....I also have signed up for online juror companies and sumitted my opinions on my first case this week - this one only paid $10 but it's $10 I didn't have before.....I would also say sign up for various online survey companies but they have been paying less lately than they did when I first signed up....I would say go for in person and online focus groups, for the in person ones, google your city and focus groups and see what turns up.....Rob

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