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Thread: Okay, what about boobs?

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    Okay, what about boobs?

    Curious now. We were talking about the necessity, or not, of wearing bras. And/or even the benefits of or not of having a bustline. I personally, even though a small size, think bras are the devil's invention. Never met a comfortable one. Can't even imagine having to deal with NEEDING them. But that's only 'cause I've never had to deal with them: I think I would ADORE having to deal with boobs. They're sexy, you know?

    What say you, simple women? Boobs or not? Are you happy to have 'em, or are they a simple-living detriment? Do they take maintenance that you'd as soon have go away, or something that you'd spend (or do spend) money on maintaining? Enhancment? Would love to hear thoughts from any of you who have gone for enhancement. I always wanted to, but never did.

    Okay, any thoughts?.....

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    i feel about my breasts the way i gather parents feel about their children -- i love them and couldn't imagine not having them, but they are a pain in the ass sometimes!

    mine are massive, up into the realm of the middle of the alphabet, and the only bras that i find comfortable to wear are north of $100 each. not fun! and don't get me started about mammograms. and it's not really that comfortable for me to just hang around braless very much.

    but on the plus side, they are fun, and they do look tremendous in the right clothes!
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    [ Don't think too much about them except when foods like tomato sauce spill on them when being transferred from plate to mouth. They were great for feeding the babies without a lot of fuss.

    Once I had to look up decolletage for some article to see the history and found this on wikipedia. History has a very different view prior to the Victorian era. Today's fascination with boobs is contrived, manipulated and exaggerated. It is sad to see the chemicals that women inject to increase breast size and the males who think that they are responding to natural urges. It wasn't that long ago that women's ankles were the ultimate sexual symbol. It is also sad to see what society and its clothing is doing to sexualize young girls from almost infant age.

    See the rest of the story:

    Gowns which exposed a woman's neck and top of her chest were very common and non-controversial in Europe from at least the 11th century. This fashion continued through the Victorian period in the 19th century. Ball or evening gowns especially featured décolletage designed to display and emphasize cleavage.[4][5] The wearing of low-cut dresses which exposed breasts were considered more acceptable than they are today; with a woman's bared legs, ankles, or shoulders being considered to be more risqué than exposed breasts.[6]

    However, in 15th century Agnès Sorel, mistress to Charles VII of France, is credited with starting a fashion when she wore décolleté gowns which fully bared her breasts in the French court. In the 16th century, women's fashions featuring fully exposed breasts were common throughout society,for women of all social statuses.[7]

    Décolleté styles were popular in England in the 17th century and even Queen Mary II and Henrietta Maria, wife of Charles I of England, were depicted with fully bared breasts; and architect Inigo Jones designed a masque costume for Henrietta Maria that fully revealed both of her breasts.[7][8]

    In aristocratic and upper-class circles the display of breasts was at times regarded as a status symbol, as a sign of beauty, wealth or social position.[9] From the Renaissance onwards, the bared breast even invoked associations with nude sculptures of classical Greece that were exerting an influence on art, sculpture, and architecture of the period.[8]

    After the French Revolution the décolletage become larger in the front and smaller in the back.[10] During the fashions of the period 1795-1820, many women wore dresses which bared the bosom and shoulders. Towards the end of the Victorian period (end 19th century) the full collar was the fashion, though some décolleté dresses were worn on formal occasions. (See 1880s in fashion.)

    From the Victorian period onward, however, social attitudes shifted to demand a woman's breasts to be covered in public. For ordinary wear, high collars were the norm for many years.

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    madgey, I could have written that! All of that! Minus the $100 part. I do have some around the $60 mark that I find just great. I had one mammogram once. It was awful! I'd have a colonoscopy first if I had to pick! And yes, I've had both so I can speak from experience on that one!

    I would not change them, though. I must be built to carry them, really few back problems to speak of, and they are really caused more by inactivity than the girls.

    Funny thread . . .

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    I have to admit I don't think too much about my boobs! I have a very average bustline and accept what is with contentment. I've never considered getting any kind of enhancement surgery. I am able to find bras easily on the clearance rack, which other's have told me is something to be quite thankful for. I wear a bra to work and mostly out, but ditch it most evenings when I get home.

    Fairly recently though I forgot to bring a sports bra running and decided, well I will just wear the regular, no, my breasts certainly reminded me they were there and did not appreciate such treatment. So, for the athletic stuff I am quite happy they are not any larger. For the sexy stuff, I have been known to keep a push up bra or two stashed away as necessary. I do rather like that my breasts are still youthful and 'perky' - one day I suppose they won't be, but I'm already accepting my grey hairs so I guess I will deal with it.

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    LOL. I feel the same as madge. I have large breast that have been getting a bit bigger with all of the baby making I've been doing lately. I don't think I'd feel like me without them, but they are kind of a pain sometimes.
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    Happy with my A's. Hate wearing any kind of bra but can go braless with minimal sagging, if any. If I want to look like I've got something, I'll wear an underwire (the devil's handiwork, IMO). When I was younger I was always more underdeveloped than most girls my age, but now I probably look more fit and youthful than they do now. I'm thin and they suit me.

    My clients who are well-endowed are always complaining how uncomfortable they are. While lying flat on their backs, I sometimes wonder how some of them aren't suffocated by them---they're ready to tumble onto their face!! Sometimes they'll tell me "You don't know how lucky you are, being so small". Yes, I do know I'm lucky.

    Now, my belly pooch, that's another story.

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    I hate men staring at them. One of the good things of aging is that is stopping, finally. I like being female, and that includes breasts. Since I am childless by choice, it has kinda' felt like a waste to own a pair that are only ornamental. I have been a rebellious hippie all my life, but going braless is painful, so I rebel by being as butch as I can much of the time.

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    I am well endowed now, but was small before having kids. I am/was happy either way. Somedays it would feel better for my back to have smaller breasts again, but I feel very feminine with larger ones now. Have to admit DH loves them and that is fun for me too. Hope that is not TMI.

    I'm an old hippie and have rarely worn a bra through out my life, but feel the need to now when I leave the house....

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    I've got a GREAT rack. It is my best body feature by far! They are a B or C (depending on my weight) and still pretty perky since having 2 kids (I could pass the pencil test but sadly, no longer.

    I love my boobs. Just love them. They are perefectly proportioned and a nice round shape and just 'wow'. When I am feeling unattractive I will wear something that shows cleavage or a tight fitting top that shows the goods.

    I have a drawerful of push ups and lace bras and ones with all sorts of accouterments.

    I wear a bra if I go outdoors. None of them are so uncomfortable that I 'feel' them but of course, not wearing one is the more comfy. When I get home from work I immediately change into my pjs and whip off my bra

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