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Thread: Carrot harvested wearing jewelry

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    Carrot harvested wearing jewelry

    Jewelry was lost for 16 years:

    Have you found anything interesting in your garden?

    I've found interesting rocks, water smoothed rocks, sea fossils, arrowheads, an iron spoon, old glass bottles, and what I think are a set of cow bells from the lead cow in a germanic design.

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    I once found an old axe head buried in a stump in our back yard. It had been used to cut down a fir tree from the original forest that grew there many years ago.

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    I am starting a new garden this year and can't wait to find out what's under there.

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    We've been here 22 years and DH is still digging up odd things in his garden plot which has been turned over annually for decades.

    And then, there's the new garden plots that we start every year. Treasure troves waiting to be discovered. DH dug up an, 1875 French coin from our tiny house when he was removing tree roots. this is a French town (although, granted, much earlier than 1875) and that area had lots of Frenchmen.

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    A delightful story!

    The story I still think about, "the story of all stories", is the one about an Italian gardener we know who lives across from the cemetery. (True story/tale).

    He's a big time gardener, and having a real witty sense of humour, he's forever joking around. Anyway, one day he was out gardening and was wearing his nice gold watch and a person stopped by to say hello and talk to him. As the conversation progressed, the person asked the Italian man about his nice gold watch and commented on it being too nice to wear for gardening. Thinking fast, the Italian man replied, "oh-a, this-a just-a one of many of-a my-a watches, I-a dig-a up-a all-a kinds of expensive jewelry and-a gold-a, all-a the time-a". The stranger was in disbelief!

    "Where is all the gold and jewelry coming from" asked the passerby. "From-a the cemetery", replied the Italian man, adding, "when-a it-a rains a really hard-a, the rain-a washes all-a of the dead-a people's jewelry into-a my-a garden". ROTFLMAO!

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    How fun! I need some carrots like that!

    I haven't found anything in my current garden, but I found a few interesting things in my mom's garden, including an English half penny, an old gun and some flint arrowheads. My sister's garden must be on top of the old dumping site for a long-gone house because she keeps finding old jars and bottles from the early 1900s, as well as old canning jar lids and the like.

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