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Thread: Medical marijuana

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    That was the most ridiculous propaganda, but it was effective.....wonder how many other things we've been propagandized to fear in similar baseless ways.

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    I would so love to be able to legally grow maryjane in my backyard and light up a doobie on my most painful Lupus days. Flea, it really ticks me off that you, me and others can't legally get the simple relief we need....

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    Come to Colorado. Not only have we missed all the bad weather this winter, but we also have some pretty darned lax MM rules. The fellow next door got a card for depression. A depressant. For depression. Who knew? But anyway.....hoping you're able to circumvent the system in some way. Research those alternative magazines, as he suggested. (It sounds as if he's just trying to avoid a lawsuit) Invest a little time in talking to some dispensaries and see what they have to say. It can only help, right?

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    Flea - Interesting that Spring is your most challenging time of the year. I consider myself a highly sensitive person, at times I get over aroused when too much is going on around me or the pace is too fast for me, and I have found Spring to be my most challenging time of the year, too. I too hope you can get some relief and if MM is the ticket I am all for you getting it. We just passed MM in Arizona, which surprises me to no end, I don't know how many hoops you have to jump through to get it, though. Rob

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    When I was in Venice California last year I walked by a shop that had a young man outside saying "the doctor is in, get your MM here" and I verified from friends in MM states that all you need to do is say you are in pain to get a card and you can grow if you have a card. Who can prove if your back hurts? They have mixed feelings about the MM in their states, just like alcohol or gambling there are some who do not manage to use it properly. Some of the problems will be eliminated if all states make it legal- less crossing state lines and less coming in from other countries illegally and most important, less people in jail for use/possession.

    A question I have is if you become more manic, will you be able to tell or could you spin out of control not realizing it? Do you have some support group to help you?

    Bipolar is tricky and you don't want to end up hospitalized.

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