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Thread: Aging Parents

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    Each state has local "Area Agency on Aging" offices. These offices can help you identify what local, state and federal resources may be availble to your parents. Also, depending on their insurance, probably Medicaid, they are likely to have access to home health aides through a Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) program. These programs provide for trained aides and certified nursing assistants who come in to a senior's home for a couple to several hours a day to assist with the "activities of daily living." These are things like dressing, showering, laundry, meal preparation, supervision of medication administration, light cleaning, etc. You would start to arrange for these services first by having a conversation with your parents' physician. If they don't already have a gerontologist, you might consider finding one to serve as their primary care physician. Gerontologists are specially trained to treat the elderly and can guide them, and you, through the maze of applications for services that are potentially available. Hope this is helpful.

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    I wish there were more support services for the elderly here in China. My MIL has been struggling with depression and diminishing physical capacity (kind of a chicken and egg situation) for the past couple of years. During our most recent visit, my DH and I suggested some basic stretching and muscle building exercises she can do, which seemed to help both her mood and her mobility, but I really wish there was some way we could bring in a physical therapist for her to help her practice and build more confidence with it. Does anyone know of good online resources for such things? Would have to be video or heavily visually based as she doesn't read English.

    Thanks for any suggestions...

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    Contact the Council on Aging. They helped with a ramp, handrails in the bathroom, transport chair, hospital bed, cleaning service and Meals on Wheels for my dad.

    When he started falling and was diagnosed with a degenerative neurological condition, we hired (with my dad's money) home care helpers (more expensive than a nursing home) while we looked for a nursing home for him. It took about a year to find a good place, so I would start looking now.

    The home helpers can dispense pills, make sure they eat, give them a bath and so forth.

    When the car starts showing up with mysterious dings and scratches, that's the time to take the keys away. Or if your dad gets lost while driving.

    We had an elderlaw attorney handle the will, trust, durable power of attorney etc.

    There is a person called a geriatric care manager who can help with a lot of this. We didn't hire such a person, but chose to do it ourselves (there were 5 kids to spread out the workload), but just letting you know that this option exists.

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