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Thread: DD has sudden severe vertigo

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    Thanks Mrs-M!

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    Within the last 6 months I have experienced vertigo when awakening in the morning, especially if I am lying on my left side. I just started seeing a chiropractor because of a back sprain and he has immediately helped me with the vertigo. I believe my episodes may be caused by my spine being out of alignment.

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    I get car sick, air sick, whatever sick and also can get vertigo especially in bed (that great feeling of turning over in bed and feeling like you are falling off the Earth). I suspect it's a left over weakness from many ear infections as a kid. I will get a flare up of vertigo from the littlest bit of water in my ear (have to make sure and Aqua Ear them after swimming) and have had to put an absolute ban from putting anything in my ear smaller than my elbow. It can be torture NOT 'cleaning' my ears with a cotton bud, but using them is a definite connection to the vertigo.

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