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Thread: How to Burn Brush

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    How to Burn Brush

    I have my burn permit for brush and tree debris. Yesterday, I attempted to start the burn. I used newspaper to start the fire under a pile of limbs but the flames did not ignite the wood as I imagined and went out after a few minutes. The pile of debris is large but I tried to start a small pile and meant to feed it all afternoon. The debris is very dry. I thought the whole thing would go up in one big whoosh!

    How on earth do you start a fire without gasoline? The permit says no to lighter fluid, etc...

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    I have a hundred or so mature trees in my back yard and find it necessary to burn the discarded bits several times a year. I've found it best to start small. Gather small twigs and shredded bark into a pile and use your newspaper to start that, then add progressively larger bits of wood. It won't take too long before you can then add the big stuff without problem.
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    I noticed that Caltrans builds big piles and than puts road flares in the piles. It even works when it is very wet. But alen says is a good way to do it.

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