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Thread: Vitamins and supplements?

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    I am 50 and take Senior multivitamin for women. Every morning I take GABA, a supplement for anxiety. During the day, I make sure to drink a glass of orange juice. I try to eat as well and balanced a diet as I can daily. Also, I have 1/2 glass of a green drink. Trader Joe's sells a tasty excellent blend as does Boathouse.
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    I know lots of people over 40 who say they feel better since they started taking an ordinary multivitimin. Me, too. Also I take Taurine to help with my sensitivity to fragrances and everyday chemicals. When I started taking extra iron, the little tachycardia I was having stopped.

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    I am 68 and started about 3 months ago seeing an applied kineseologist who has put me on several supplements and a mult-vitamin that I test well for (did nt for the one I was taking for years). For the first time in my life I feel sound--like, if I'm tired I feel tired but healthy instead of wiped out. I never took any of the supplements before, and couldn't have come up with them on my own. I was taking some before that I stopped because didn't test well for them.

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