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Thread: Need advice on housing dilemma (long post)

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    Our landlady just offered us our house. She's noticed that we've been doing a lot to spruce it up -- everything from repainting the mail box (we are stenciling it. I asked first -- DS wanted to do it after we visited the Hobbiton set in Matamata). we redid the garden, we've cleared out areas where there was just trash, we've cleaned out under the house (lots of trash). we've started repainting the three remaining rooms to be painted. We keep the house cleaner than any tenant she's ever had. And, we are proud of the space.

    We told her we aren't in a position to buy, but we understand if she needs to sell. She said "oh no, I just thought, you know, you are a nice little family, and if you were looking to buy (since she'd seen us checking out several local open houses), you could always buy this cottage. YOu seem to really love it here, and I love having good neighbors (since she lives next door)." And said that the "door is open" if we are interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catherine View Post
    ............I was so anxious, and so upset, and my self-esteem had been decimated and this is what came of it. God works in mysterious ways! So listen to your gut (what I would call the God within you)
    Beautifully said catherine. Even our worst times, something good can come of it later.
    We've been wondering how we've been making the 1st and 2nd mortgage payments for the last two years since our business has dropped to near nothing - somehow every month things have gotten paid and we're still in our house (of 20 years). I thought for sure two years ago that we'd be out of the home and moved to the farm with my parents by now. Just this month we've got orders to work on and someone to rent and share expenses of our studio. We may just make it.
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