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Thread: Vermont experience & stories ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by catherine View Post
    My other son (who now lives in VT, but moved up from NYC) was stared at by people in the downtown area because instead of wearing L.L. Bean-like flannels and jeans, he was wearing his "hip" NYC outfit, which was by NO means outlandish. It was just simply... different from L.L. Bean.
    This is actually one of the most attractive things about Vermont (all of northern New England) to me - not having to worry about being judged for your lack of style and fashion, and not feeling you need to have the latest and greatest or most luxurious of anything. here in Southern Calif you are judged by your car, your clothes, your house, your hairstyle, your body, your "stuff" in general. In Vermont, I felt that I could be myself and was accepted. I could dress very casually without concern for what's fashionable or trendy, drive an old pick up truck, go out sans make up or hair styled, live in a modest little house, and not have to be judged as inferior by my peers since they were basicly the same. As Humbolt Gurl said - I also found Vermont to be extremely refreshing, genuine and authentic compared to SoCal.

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    Thank you, all, for sharing your stories. And apologies for my absence - it has been a very full couple of weeks. I would be moving for a specific position there, but definitely hear all the concerns about jobs and the economy. Catherine - I will PM you for more info on your son!

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