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    What are your holiday traditions? I mean some of the smaller holidays or special days. I am thinking of traditions with food. We usually have asparagus on Easter or the first day of Spring. We have strawberries on the first day of summer. We have hot fudge sundaes In honor of my mother on her birthday (it was her favorite treat). Please share some of your special food traditions.
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    Blackeye peas ("Hoppin' John") on New Year's Day for good luck. This is rather strange as I was born and raised a Yankee and this is a southern tradition.

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    Roast leg of lamb with all the trimmings for Easter Sunday. I make hotcross buns for Easter Week and bake simnel cake, too (we're not believers, but that's the tradition in my family!)

    Hogmanay (new year's eve) is THE big celebration in the Scottish calendar. We have very traditional foods for that night, including black bun. I always cook a Burns' Supper for Burns' Night - or the nearest night to it, if we are going to a public event), haggis, chappit tatties and neeps, followed by a traditional pud like cranachan.

    St Andrew's Night -we usually go to a public event, but I will still cook a special meal if the event is held at a weekend nearest to the date.

    Christmas. Mince pies, homemade christmas puddings and christmas cake, turkey or goose with all the trimmings, including bread sauce and kilted sausages.

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    Some of our food-based traditions:

    DD gets to choose a vegetable every time we go to the farmers' market.
    Picking raspberries, strawberries, and currants in our yard.
    Summer smoothies, homemade popsicles, and watermelon.
    Winter soups and chilis.
    Everyone gets to choose their birthday dinner and dessert (for me to cook).
    My mom makes spaetzle for DD when she visits twice/year.

    Ours tend to be less about particular holidays. We spend some holidays with long-distance family and thus away from my kitchen, so we have to go with the flow. Other holidays we spend with our church community and that usually involves a potluck. We generally eat what's fresh and in season so it varies slightly from year to year.

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    First things first, welcome to our home, Morning Girl! So happy to have you.

    Let's see now... OK, for Easter, ham and potato salad dinner (always)! Pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream!

    Thanksgiving. Turkey (with all the fixin's). A bottle of bubbly, and homemade dessert of some type/sort.

    Christmas. Turkey once again, and to welcome the season and ring in the New Year, homemade baking! (Nanaimo Bars, Shortbread Cookies).

    As for other typical family traditions, Sunday dinner at our house usually means a well-prepared meal. (Roast Beef, Pork Roast, Stew, etc).

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    Easter means asparagus. Christmas morning is breakfast pizza, for no reason other than we started doing it when DS was little and it just became a tradition. And Independence Day/4th of July we must have sliced garden tomatoes and boiled sweet corn-on-the-cob and those 2 things must be eaten outside, at the picnic table set in the summer shade, never inside the house. Well, in those years that the garden cooperates. The garden doesn't always cooperate.

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    Christmas Eve: Shrimp
    Christmas Day: Berry Berry Bread Pudding for breakfast and cornish hens for dinner
    New Years Eve: party food
    Birthdays: Restaurant or food of choice
    Easter: usually lamb, couldn't find any this year so had cornish hens
    Summer: frozen cake anytime anyone comes over for dinner
    The first BBQ of the year: shis-ka-bob (shrimp and steak)
    First soup of fall: Baked Potato
    Thanksgiving: homemade egg noodles
    Float On: My "Happy Place" is on my little kayak in the coves of Table Rock Lake.

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