We moved into our first home after we had our first two sons. My ex was away on business trips for 40 weeks/year, using a company car. We were far too poor to buy me my own car then, but the problem was that the house was so far away from our doctor or grocery stores.

This meant that I had to walk three blocks up the street to catch a bus to get me there with two small kids, so I put the youngest one in the stroller and put a harness on the older one so he couldn't run off. Once the bus stopped, I got on with the stroller, the older son could get on and off himself, and I carried the 18 month old toddler. I had to transfer to a different bus to get to the mall, which meant doing the same procedure over again. Once we got to the store I grabbed a shopping cart to put the kids and the folded stroller in it but only had enough room to pack the groceries around them. Luckily we didn't need much food then.

I had my groceries delivered and then had to do the same thing going home.

Same thing to get them to our doctor.

Good thing I was so young then (in my early 20s), and had enough energy to get it done!