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Thread: Batch and/or bulk cooking

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    Batch and/or bulk cooking

    I'm not sure why I am so motivated this weekend, but I am trying to take full advantage of it before I turn into a couch potato again! :-)

    I bought 16 pounds of ground turkey this past week and by the end of today I should have 8 pounds dehydrated and stored on the pantry shelf, 4 batched of mini-meatballs all cooked, packaged by meal and in the freezer, and at least 3 batches of mini-meatloaves - also cooked, packaged by meal and in the freezer. I don't do this as often as I should, but it does make daily life soooo much easier.

    Does anyone else do batch/bulk cooking? And if so, what do you do? I'm trying to get more ideas - so if you wouldn't mind sharing!
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    I love to "batch cook" with my larger crockpot. I make soups, stew, and chili and eat some for that night and freeze and mark servings for other nights. It just makes sense to cut, prepare, and clean up one time for 4 meals. It is wonderful to take a container of chili out of the freezer on a busy day and put together a salad and have a good dinner! I also give containers of soup to an elderly widow friend of my husband. He really appreciates it!

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    Yes! It does make life easier, especially in the summer when I try not to turn on the stove. We are supposed to have a cold front coming in this week. When it cools down I plan on making four meatloaves for the freezer. I really should plan on making more, but that's all I have on tap right now. I like to make meatballs too. My family eats meat, so it's helpful to have some cooked meat to add to soups or spaghetti.

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