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Thread: I have really surprised myself this time....

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    Thank you all for your support and suggestions. Razz, I have been thinking about satellite radio. I don't get good reception otherwise. This morning I had my coffee outside and listened to all the birds and their birding activity. It was lovely. I am so glad that I finally bit the bullet and suspended my satellite television service.

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    I'm convinced that its often not so much a case of having too much or not enough of something, but more a case of just needing to shake things up a little bit from time to time. By doing that we usually discover some meaningful things right under our noses (like a back yard full of birds). Maybe you will decide to stay TV free, maybe you won't. Either is perfectly fine. You can absolutely have your coffee with the birds and your evening tea with a show you like. We tend to watch a little more in the winter and shut the tube down in the summer. Anyway, like everything else in life, its about finding the right balance for you. Congratulations Polliwog on taking a big step in that direction.

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    Hi polliwog, congratulations!

    We still have a TV and cable, but it gets watched about three hours a week (mostly PBS and European soccer ) My life is too good to pollute it with television too much. (It started to remind me of mindlessly getting thrills from "watching the wall" in Fahrenheit 451) The way I look at it, if I have time for television, then I forfeit my right to complain that I don't have time to exercise, start a small business, learn new things, etc. Most of the people I know who are unhappy and claim they don't have time/energy to turn their lives around are spending a ton of time drooling in front of the box, which makes advertisers very happy I'm sure.

    Congratulations on your new-found freedom to say Yes, No, or Just a Little.

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