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Thread: 5 years to become an expert

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    Just checking back on this thread! Been busy this week traveling (visited Iris Lily's neck of the woods in St. Louis Monday and now I'm in Jane's neck of the woods in Seattle. On to Raleigh next--does anyone live there?)

    Interesting comments--I had forgotten about the Gladwell reference of 10,000 hours! I, too, tend to be kind of interested in lots of different things, and one week I'm feeling a language and another week I'm feeling going back to my art or theatre roots. But I think what I found encouraging for me was the idea that I don't have to feel that I'm closing out my contribution to society with a bunch a doctors who are highly motivated to prescribe drugs due to my market research.

    I recently posted about having dreams about trying to get to a train that's leaving the station. I really don't want my train to leave the station before I've had a chance to really feel I've lived the "right" life for me. Plus, it's fun to throw yourself into something wholeheartedly. So I'm totally encouraged by this 5 year/10,000 hour proposition.

    Thanks for the interesting perspectives on this.
    "Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it--every, every minute?" Emily Webb, Our Town

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    Hey Selah.

    Truth is, I just dedicated myself to doing so. It was really the first thing. I used to excuse myself "I'm just bad with names." But then I decided that since I don't have that disorder where you can't see people's faces clearly, I really dont' have any excuse.

    So, I started to do a repeating process. I find that touching the person helps me too (if possible -- like shaking hands, but interestingly, if I touch their arm, it tends to 'take root' better for me). This is probably because I'm a touch-oriented person, and I "feel" or "learn" a lot through touch. I say the person's name after they repeat themselves, and before they step away, I say something and repeat their name again. After I've said their name the first time, I try to take note of specific facial features (glasses cause me problems with this), and I say their name while looking at the facial feature (say the name in my head, that is).

    Then, the next time I see them, I go "Name, right?" And then they can correct me.

    Also, once they are in the room, and I count each person (in my head) to make sure that my numbers add up, I repeat each person's name as I count them off. It's usually about 10-15 people at a time. So, its' pretty easy. And, luckily, a lot of people come back every week.

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    A good thought to consider. I've spent some time thinking about this the last couple of days. I have a couple of skills I've come by over the years that I consider myself expert at, but life is a learning process. One thing I have thought about is whether it is better to be good than great? My current line of thinking is that I would rather spend my time being good at a few things rather than an "expert" at one.

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    Playing piano/keyboard. I had lessons as a kid - loved the instrument, hated the teacher & the music she made me play. Picked it up again as an adult and tried to teach myself, with small success. I started taking lessons a bit over a year ago, with someone who's teaching me to play by ear. I enjoy it more all the time. Now I'm at the point that I'm seriously contemplating getting a better keyboard, because I think I've reached the limitations of mine. My teacher is going to help me pick out a keyboard that's right for me.

    I'm also learning plant breeding. Iris Lily, I think you will really enjoy that. I'm just getting started, and I'm really loving it.

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