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Thread: Name three things you are really enjoying in your life.....

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    Name three things you are really enjoying in your life.....

    Its always easy to talk about things that make you mad or things you struggle with but I'd love to hear some good news today. So tell me three things you are really enjoying in your life right now.

    1. Early morning kayaking. Seeing the sun rise and watching the wildlife just puts things in perspective for me. This morning it was just some deer and herons and a few fish and turtles.
    2. My newest batch of chickens are starting to lay eggs (remember when I got this group in February? I think their chick photo is in my album) any way watching them grow up and reach hen status and their pride at laying an egg is a good thing.
    3. Finding a 'you made a sale' email on my etsy account. I'm doing better on there every month. Shipping bowls to FL and AZ this morning. The added income is much needed.
    Float On: My "Happy Place" is on my little kayak in the coves of Table Rock Lake.

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    1) I'm passionate about lilies and iris. Does that count as one or two? My non-work life is consumed from April through October with these plants. For instance, we are winding down lily bloom time but coming up is bulb harvest--I love that almost as much as bloom time. Digging up plump healthy bulbs, seeing how much each mother bulb has increased--it's like finding hidden treasure under the earth. The rest of the garden is nice but it's not my overriding passion.

    2) I love my neighborhood and this city, the architecture. There is always something interesting to look at.

    See, none of that is new. I'd like to introduce one new thing to freshen my outlook on life. I didn't mention bulldogs because at the moment, bulldogs are more of a chore than a pleasure. We just took in a rescue dog who is aggressive toward our own dogs, so for the next several weeks I've got to keep everyone separated and that is a giant PITA plus it is scary because my little Frenchie girls could get seriously hurt from this big aggressive guy. He is such a contrast from our last foster dog who was sweet and gorgeous, even a contrast from the previous foster male dog who smoothly managed "the girls" and didn't let them get the best of him bit didn't rip into them, either.
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    1. DGS is visiting for the week so we are really enjoying him
    2. Walking with friends the trails left over from the old rail lines
    3. Enjoying the peace and quiet first thing in the morning out on our deck sipping the first cup of tea
    As Cicero said, “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.”

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    1. Seeing that all the watering I'm going to my garden is paying off....and loving the new garden fence (I know that's 2)
    2. Seeing my kids happy and healthy (at least most of the time!)
    3. Taking rides in my golf cart and seeing all the wildlife/plants/trees and looking at the beautiful cloud formations and feeling the breeze.
    There's so much more! Thanks for reminding us to focus on these things!!

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    1) Good tea
    2) Growing friendships
    3) New-to-me books
    Mrs. Hermit

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    1. My health. So important.

    2. Owning our own home.

    2. Gardening. I love this time of year! Watering, gardening, and just being outside.

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    1. The garden is providing something fresh for me to eat almost every day.
    2. My nephew who lives in Miami is in the area for the next few days and I'll get to see him.
    3. I'm feeling much better now after my stationery bike accident last Thursday. The bike is actually a real bike on a trainer, and the bolt attaching the seat to the frame sheared off, I fell backwards scraping the backs of my legs pretty bad and landed on my left wrist which was already damaged in another accident and is pretty weak.
    and throwing in a 4th one just for this week: a/c. Supposed to be hot humid and in the 90s setting new records this week.

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    1) Leisurely time spent with dh whether it is shopping for ethnic groceries, cooking or going to a movie. We mostly very much enjoy each other's company
    2) Our two Siamese cats - I love watching their behavior together and amusing antics.
    3) My health is very good these days and I am very grateful. I spent five years with severe anemia and now that I am well, I realize how much of life I missed due to feeling bad.

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    1. Not having crappy job woes ruining my life outside of actual working hours!
    2. Having the time AND energy doing all the things I've wanted to do for a long time, like working my gardens, growing vegetables, playing more guitar, reading more, doing a little more socializing and more relaxing.
    3. Becoming more fit and eating well, and loosing enough weight to where I finally feel like I'm in my "right" body for the first time in a long time.

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    1. Just now, for the first time in 5 long years of our personal recession, my DH and I are easily making ends meet and beginning to pay off long-standing debts, and able to start planning for the future. Ahhhhhhhh, such a relief!
    2. I am still really enjoying my bread-making adventure. There is always something new to try, new mistakes to learn from, new skills to master. Yesterday, I made hot dog buns for the first time. I didn't shape them right (too short and too wide), but I learned a lot for next time, and they still tasted delicious. 1,000 times better than anything the grocery store sells.
    3. Our greyhound rescue group brought in 25 new dogs from Florida yesterday and I love hearing from all the excited new adopters. Saturday was the 5th anniversary of when we adopted our first, Mandy, and I still remember those feelings so clearly.


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