Hi All,

This question might belong better in the organizing thread, but it seems like a family issue too.

I'm a new mom with hundreds of photos from the last seventeen months on my computer, and I'm wondering how best to organize them and save them for my seventeen-month-old daughter. As a generation Xer, the concept of just having them saved on my computer seems somehow .... anti-social, yet photo albums seem old-fashioned and the photo books you can get made on Shutterfly seem a little impersonal.

We do have a Shutterfly site up which we use to share photos with faraway family and friends. And we will frame some pictures to put around the house, but I kind of liked having photo albums around the house growing up.

Would love to hear how the rest of you have shared old photos with your kids as they have grown and in what form you plan to leave those photos behind for them.

Many thanks in advance,