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Thread: How best to consolidate CC debt ?

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    Just want to second Anne Lee's comments about the four walls concept of Dave Ramsey. What we found incredibly helpful when faced with lots of debt from all sorts of things including medical and credit card was to go to his Financial Peace University at a church. It have us a framework for the decisions you are facing and enabled to make big life changes and pay off all debit within a year. He has lots of very specific advice on stuff like debt consolidation, and I felt like he had done the thinking for me on some of these complicated questions.

    Good for you for being willing to confront your issues with debt. and I'm sure you will find the right way for you.

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    Thanks for the strong recommendation for the FPU and the support, rodeosweetheart. (I'm hoping you're an equestrian?! One of my pressing issues is how to keep riding in a very challenging financial time.... It's better than any therapy and instills me with joy and confidence, so I don't want to totally give it up!)

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    Hi EarthSky, yes, and you are so right about the joy and the confidence and the need to be around horses. That was the one mistake we made by buying the foreclosure we bought this year after selling the farm--we do not have enough room for horses right now, and I don't think I;ll be totally happy without that in my life. So \now that the debt is gone, I am going to start riding at a stable, find room for 1-2 lessons a week if I can figure it out--it is SO EXPENSIVE, and use this as a time to figure out how to get back to owning my own horse again. It will also be a good time to learn some new things, like trying gaited horses, see if the next horse needs to be better suited to my arthritic new persona. Without the debt, I feel I can use the money for a more satisfying life, although I still need to keep that intensity going to fully fund the emergency fund. We're a little out of order on our steps, since the house was paid for with cash.

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    As a person once married to a professional horse trainer and judge, I know that much of the horse business RUNS on the fact that there are lots of horse crazy people willing to do physical labor of cleaning stalls, grooming horses, cleaning tack, etc., for the chance to ride or join in for free lessons. If you want to ride, or you want to have lessons and have abilities in that direction, you can usually work something out. Horse operations are often open to trades of labor, etc. Just sayin'

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    That's a GREAT idea, LC!

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