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Thread: Too much information to swallow--help!!

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    Moderation is the key. I use portion control as set out by the diabetes association as my gauge for content. They use mostly 1/2 cup and oz sizes for their portions. It is quick and easy to do.

    At age 68, I eat 2 (2.5oz cooked portions) of protein. 5-6 vegetables, 3 fruit, 2 dairy (mostly yogurt and I like cheese) and 5-6 (1/2 cup portions) of starch with up to 2 Tbsp of canola or olive oil.

    When I eat 3/4 cup of legumes, I count them as both one portion of protein and one portion of starch.

    I lost my 40 lbs and have stayed at my present weight with ease.
    Makes food planning easy as well and seems to follow most recommended diets including the latest Harvard diet.

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    I am glad the topic of food choices has been brought up for discussion; it is one of the things I am most conflicted about these days simply because there is so much information out there.
    our bodies are essentially a mini biome, and we all have our own little ecosystems that we carry around with us.
    In the end, this is my assumption too.
    We have eliminated all white flour and sugar products, cut our meat and dairy consumption in half, and eat a lot of fresh, raw vegetables. However, we do still have meat and eggs several times a week.
    Recently, I read a book about the Russian invasion during WWII and how when they ran out of food and were starving, it was fat of any kind that they craved more than anything else. I thought that was interesting. I know I never really feel satisfied unless I have some protein (can be meat or beans) along with carbs, ie beans and rice or eggs and wheat toast.

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