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Thread: How to deal with no response to e-mails?

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    It's fascinating to read pcooley's thoughts on email vs. landline phone and the psychic stress he feels with digital communications. Personally I'm pretty much exactly the opposite. At work I use email and phone about equally but for different purposes. If I need an immediate response to a question, or if my communication is of a salesy nature I use the phone. Otherwise I use email. And I'd use email for all work communication if it was as effective, but it's not, so I don't. In my personal life I use email and text messages almost exclusively to stay in touch. I just find the phone stressful and intrusive.

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    Yes it does.
    My pet peeve my entire life in my personal (must go back to childhood) is being told by someone that they are "busy". To me that means what they are doing is more important they me. I suppose it is because I share little with people outside of forums, so when I do a response is what I am generally looking for. I only have handful of email or text people. Sadly my youngest son, his general response to everyone not just me, is How Busy. How hard he works or Tired he is. I try to understand that is just how he handles his life and not take is personally. I have thought about why I feel hurt with out a response, even when I speak to my husband and he does not say anything. I think it is because I drop everything and run if someone says they need or want something. That is my issue I understand, no one elses.
    Businesses, I gave up on responses or customer service a long time ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctg492 View Post
    I have thought about why I feel hurt with out a response
    I think it would be an interesting exercise to figure that out, but whatever the cause, at least at this point, it is what it is. Maybe DH and DS should have picked up on this by now, but if/since they have not, you do yourself and them a favor by stating clearly (and maybe repeatedly) that you really would like some sort of response -- maybe not necessarily an engaging conversation, but at least acknowledgement that your message was received and considered. This could work even for emails -- put a request for acknowledgement in your sig file or at least mark your email "return receipt requested".

    My first marriage ended in part because I was supposed to be a mindreader and because I was not smart enough at that time to counter that expectation by asking questions directly. IME most people are lousy mindreaders. There is no harm in guiding them to where you want them to be. (Whether they get there is another matter, but you can at least provide them with a destination.)
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