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Thread: Tiny House People - rental ideas/feasibility/reality check needed

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    MamaM. Super-cool link! Thanks for posting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jennipurrr View Post
    The historic code allows for renting to no more than two unrelated people. I do not imagine this sort of space accomodating more than two people and wouldn't rent to any group larger than that. They do not like short term rentals (which is what I would be doing) so if I did that, I would have to do it discreetly. Many people in this area do short term rentals discreetly.
    Not to continually poke at the idea (it now sounds better than it did in your original post, though I wonder how good the football can be that people are paying that kind of money to attend)... I will merely point out that you can be lucky or not. Your insurance most likely will give you a very hard time about reimbursing any loss incurred when running a "discreet" business. I'm sure there's language to that effect in your policy now. So get insurance. Consider incorporating so that the business is run out of the corporation and you don't end up losing your house and your savings because someone managed to fall out of the loft (drunk or not) or slipped in the shower or shocked themselves or ... well, you get the idea. I realize there's risk in everything, but I'd think about how much of your world you want to risk for the few thousands you'll clear in remodeling and renting out the place.

    Okay, back to everyone else telling you how good an idea this is...
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    Steve, I really appreciate the constructive criticism! I want to hear all the "no, this idea is crazy and this is why" DH is the one who usually has to deal with my random ideas.

    We do have everything set up with insurance on our rental property, and we also have a personal umbrella policy. I bet the insurance would be completely different on the primary residence though and so that is something to investigate.

    Football....ehhh...its not my thing (so glad the season is over!) but we have a very good team and it pays the bills in this town. We've won 3 out of the last 4 NCAA championships

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    My DH would say Roll Tide and when will it be available?! Have you considered a composting toilet (not quite as scary as it may sound) and/or portable sinks ? These options combined with the previously mentioned window unit may save you A LOT of money. Of course, you may not be able to rent the unit for quite as much either. So it may be a matter of weighing out of pocket costs vs income produced.

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    Haha Homemade Change, I couldn't charge someone on SLN those kind of rates! Do you all live in AL too or fans from somewhere else? I did have a secret on how to get the regular rate at the Candlewood Suites but I just put in a game this coming season and it is either sold out or the fixed it.

    Composting toilets seem interesting...but do they smell? I have used basically outhouse type facilities before and they are so stinky I couldn't imagine having something like that...but this seems different.

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