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Thread: sadly I made a poor choice

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    Okay, I don't know the exactly how the liners work, but I will definitely check them out. Thanks!
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    I read somewhere once that a choice you made can never truly be a bad one if you took all the information you had at the time to make the best informed decision you could at the time.

    I guess it's all anyone an do. Dont beat yourself up over it!

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    I cringe as I take a bath in that tub now thinking about the toxic stuff that in my mind must be leaching from the paint. OK I am sure it was approved paint and the smell is slowly dissipating. Plus now I just want either the new tub with jets or a liner installed and feel wasteful doing either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctg492 View Post
    I cringe as I take a bath in that tub now thinking about the toxic stuff that in my mind must be leaching from the paint.
    Look at it this way: that surface must have been designed to resist water -- it's a bathtub! I wonder if it would help to spread traditional odor-absorbing materials in the tub when it's not in use -- newspaper or open containers of charcoal. It might help the smell dissipate faster. As will keeping the room ventilated. Do you have an exhaust fan in the bathroom?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ctg492 View Post
    Oh I know I have been struggling with the best choices in my quest for a smaller footprint that I will leave behind.
    As Steve pointed out your choice was sound even if it brought some of the unpleasant aspects into your house for a while. I think one wall a lot of us run into from time to time deals with the footprint. We all seem to be trying to live without leaving ANY footprint, which, of course, is impossible. It sounds like you're doing a great job of making sure your impact isn't any more disruptive than it has to be to live a nice life in the 21st century western world. You should be proud of that ctg492!
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